[Mpi-forum] September MPI Forum / Agenda and Reminder to Register

Balaji, Pavan balaji at anl.gov
Tue Sep 2 17:30:04 CDT 2014

On Sep 2, 2014, at 5:27 PM, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) <jsquyres at cisco.com> wrote:

> On Sep 2, 2014, at 6:21 PM, Balaji, Pavan <balaji at anl.gov> wrote:
>> The text has a single combined version.  There’s no two options in the text.
> From 411:
> "Proposed Solution:
> ...
> Two possible solutions are being proposed:
> 	• We reserve the "mpi_" namespace and forbid implementations from using keys in that name space.
> 	• Solution 1 + we rename existing info keys to start with "mpi_" and deprecate the older info key names.
> The attached PDF provides solution 2, but it can easily be modified to solution 1 by simply dropping some changes, since solution 1 is a proper subset of solution 2. Specifically, the only change for solution 1 will be the one sentence addition on the first page of Chapter 9 (page 365)."
> Does your PDF not agree with your ticket text?
> That is most confusing.

OK.  The pdf is OK, but I’ll update the ticket text.

>>> +1.  It looks like you missed the deadline due to inactivity.
>> Did I miss an email asking for tickets to be listed?  I thought we just upload the document on the ticket, which I did over a month ago.  But I don’t want to fight for it.  If folks feel this can’t be a formal reading in September, we can do this in December.
> Per the rules document:
> "General text proposals use the following process to be accepted into an MPI
> standards document:
> 1. Have a formal reading at a physical MPI Forum meeting where the meeting
> quorum has been met.
> (a) The final text of the proposal to be read must be made publicly
> available via the general MPI Forum broadcast email list at least
> two weeks prior to the start date of the physical MPI Forum meeting
> at which it is to be formally read."
> I don't see an email from you on the mpi-forum mailing list announcing 411 until today.

OK, thanks.  I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  — Pavan

Pavan Balaji  ✉️

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