[Mpi-forum] Status of vendor MPI 3.0 RMA implementations

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 24 09:19:34 CDT 2014

Jeff Hammond <jeff.science at gmail.com> writes:
>> Perhaps a test suite should be gathered so that we can start to automate
>> checking for implementation bugs/incomplete implementations.  Bugs
>> encountered in vendor implementations have been huge time sinks for a
>> number of colleagues and for myself.  This includes deadlock in
>> MPI_Bcast and MPI_Comm_split, within the past year.
> You mean like http://git.mpich.org/mpich.git/tree/HEAD:/test/mpi?

I was thinking more of integration tests, such as the work you are doing
with ARMCI-MPI.  We test compilers not just by their test suite, but
also by whether they can correctly build large projects without needing
workarounds.  Every large MPI-based project I'm aware of contains
workarounds for MPI implementation bugs that have been encountered over
the years.
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