[Mpi-forum] Reserved MPI_ prefix & namespace in C and Fortran

N.M. Maclaren nmm1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 15:07:38 CDT 2012

On Aug 24 2012, Rolf Rabenseifner wrote:
>This a MPI-2 errata based on an existing inconsistency.
>Therefore we do not want to rewrite the three sections.

I missed that - sorry.  I am juggling just too many things :-(
My response was obviously in the context of MPI 3.0.

>The current proposal is simple:
>>   "Programs must not declare
>       names (identifiers), e.g., for variables, functions,
>       constants, macros, types, or namespaces,
>>    beginning with the prefix MPI_."

'Namespaces' is just plain wrong.  The minimum change to correct
that is to change "macros, types, or namespaces" to macros, or types".
You could, with benefit, add "labels, tags, members," somewhere.

>>   "Programs must not declare
>       names, e.g., for variables, parameters, functions,
>       derived types, or abstract interfaces,
>>    beginning with the prefix MPI_.

'Functions' should be 'procedures' and you could, with benefit,
add "modules, COMMON blocks," after it.

Nick Maclaren.

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