[Mpi-forum] 2012 tentative meeting agenda

Barrett, Brian W bwbarre at sandia.gov
Thu Jun 9 09:29:12 CDT 2011

While I don't mind having a meeting in Portland, I second Jeff's thought
in that I'd prefer not have all of the west coast up there.  It doesn't
have nearly the flight options that the three airport Bay area has,
meaning that there's a high likelihood that arriving Monday morning
leaving Wednesday night won't work for those of us who don't live in hub
cities.  And Cisco does seem to have really stable wifi...


On 6/9/11 7:25 AM, "Jeff Squyres" <jsquyres at cisco.com> wrote:

>Rich --
>Did you mean June 25-27 and Dec 3-5?  (you said June 25-28 and Dec 3-6)
>Also, if you put the meetings in Portland and Chicago, then Microsoft
>will be hosting *ALL* of them.  Was that intended?  Will Microsoft be
>willing to do that?  Will we all be willing to put up with intermittent
>wifi at every meeting?  (sorry, it's true...)
>I'd be willing to keep hosting at Cisco in San Jose, CA.
>On Jun 8, 2011, at 11:05 AM, Graham, Richard L. wrote:
>> At the last meeting we had general agreement to continue the current
>>pace of meetings until MPI 3.0 is finalized, and then go down to 4
>>meetings a year, but longer meetings.  The time frame we have set for
>>MPI 3.0 means that the first 3 meetings in 2012 will continue at the
>>current pace, and then we will cut back to quarterly.   Here is a first
>>suggestion for meeting dates ­ please send any conflicts that you are
>>aware of.  Also, there has been a push to move the west coast meetings
>>to Portland, OR ­ are people OK with that ?
>> Thanks,
>> Rich
>> Jan 9-11: Portland, OR
>> March 5-7: Chicago, IL
>> April 30 ­ May 2: Portland, OR ­ Final MPI 3.0 vote
>> June 25-28: Chicago, IL
>> Sept: In conjunction with EuroMPI
>> Dec 3-6: Portland, OR
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