[Mpi3-tools] New MPIT draft and next TelCon

Mohror, Kathryn mohror1 at llnl.gov
Thu Jan 6 18:55:31 CST 2011

Hi Martin, all,

I attached a text file that has a few minor corrections, mostly grammar and typos. I also have a few other questions:

1) I believe we decided that all of MPIT is available before MPI_Init, just that some variables may not exist or have valid values before MPI_Init (e.g. page 16, line 20). However, on page 1 line 48, it sounds to me like only MPIT_Init and MPIT_Finalize can be called outside of MPI_Init and MPI_Finalize. 
   We should make sure that we clearly specify what is and is not allowed  to be called outside of MPI_Init/Finalize.

2) On page 18, the perfvar start and stop routines return an error if not all variables are started when MPIT_PERFVAR_ALL_HANDLES is specified. I think that we decided that the routines would return MPIT_ERR_NOSTARTSTOP and that the user was responsible for looping through the variables starting or stopping them individually to find out where the problem was. If this is correct, we should explicitly state it. (This is also true for reset.)

3) At the start of the categories section, I think a brief example of variable categories and category hierarchies would go a long way. Without this intuition, I think the section will be  somewhat confusing.
Also, why does category_get_info return individual values for number of control vars, perf vars, and categories if the call to category_get_contents gives you no control over what is returned, just gives you "kinds" to sort out what is what. Maybe it should just return a content_count instead of the individual counts?


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> Hi all,
> Happy new year!
> This is just a quick reminder that we have the next MPI-3 tools
> TelCon scheduled for next Monday 1/10/11 at 8am PT, 11am
> ET, 5pm MEZ. The main point on the agenda is to continue
> going through the MPIT document.
> I habe uploaded a new version of the MPIT draft (with changebars
> compared to the December version) to the MPI-3 tools WG Wiki at
> https://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-
> web/attachment/wiki/MPI3Tools/mpit/
> It (hopefully) contains all change requests - if I forgot something,
> please let me know. The document should be now more or less
> complete - I updated also the performance variable section and
> the categories (Dave, I adjusted this to match the rest of the
> document - could you please check this over if this matches with
> what you remember from the discussion last month?).
> The main open issue is the addition of examples, which I'll do
> as soon as I get to it. Any suggestions for this are welcome.
> Also the error/return code table at the end probably needs
> some entries to be complete.
> The document purposely does not contain the PMPI section of
> the tools chapter, yet, since this currently still the old version and
> also causes some strange Latex error caused by the change
> bar macros. If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be great
> (the macros also still add some arbitrary spaces, which I don't
> know how to remove - anyone any ideas?). I will update this
> once we have a new golden copy of the PMPI part with the
> currently proposed updates.
> Please let me know if you have any comments on the new
> draft or see anything missing.
> Thanks!
> Martin
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