[Mpi3-tools] Final MPI-3 Tools BOF Slides

Martin Schulz schulzm at llnl.gov
Sat Nov 6 19:42:18 CDT 2010

Hi all,

Thanks to all for the comments and the feedback. I tried to
include all comments (more detailed responses summarized
below). Attached are the final slides that I will send to Rich.



> I think the slides are too full. Maybe I am missing what the BoF session is for. Am I correct that it is meant to reach out beyond the Forum?

I tried to cut it down even more. I think we need a bit more than
in your proposal, but I understand your direction.

> I think it is best to have the user relate the info to his own experience. That's why in my proposal I just wrote "it like PAPI just for 'Software Counters' and with read--write access". A single sentence and whoever is listening should have a clear view on what we want to accomplish. If we directly want comments on the internals, people have to read the draft first anyway.

I added the PAPI example back.

> Also. I would not cite the direct link to the drafts. People will not be able to memorize the whole url, so I think the critical info is: svn.mpi-forum.org and "Tools WG". Then, I would place a link to each draft prominently on the beginning of the page (maybe below "List of …")

Good point - I changed the slides and I will change the Wiki


> The animated MPIT slide is good. I tweaked the animation
> slightly in the attached so that each examples text box
> appears just after the relevant animation.

That actually changed the meaning - the example had the
setup phase to the left and then an example for a performance
variable on the right. Control variables were not in. I changed
the text to avoid this misunderstanding when Rich is presenting.

> Also, I thought we agreed that we would not use hidden slides
> as it is confusing. In any event, I think you need some words

Those were really intended only for the Web version only.

> on MPIT even with the animation. Further, the hidden MPIR
> texxt slide was almost identical to the unhidden one. I unhid
> all of the slides in the attached and merged the two MPIR
> text slides. A good tweak would be to animate the MPIR process
> figure but that would be above and beyond.

If we don't want any hidden slides - the last one seems too much.
I got rid of it - people can look at the document.

> Overall the current version does put us a couple slides over
> the request. However, it goes over due to the graphic slides,
> whichwill help to make the talk more interesting so I would
> hope that Rich would be OK with that.

We are now 1 slide over, so I hope this is OK.


> I really like the examples and animation you added to slide 2! Now that you have that, I think you can remove some of the text from slide 3 to make it less dense without losing information, e.g. the examples of variables. I edited slide 3 so that it's somewhat less dense but still something that I think Rich can read from and get the information we want across (attached slide 3).

Slide 3 was not supposed to be shown and only intended for the
web version. Since both you and Bronis seemed to not like this,
I added your modified slide as an unhidden one (in which case
I like the reduced text).

> Also, there was a typo in slide 3 that I think you will want to fix in any case: "if the MPI implementation support this" change support to supports.

That's in there now.

Martin Schulz, schulzm at llnl.gov, http://people.llnl.gov/schulzm
CASC @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA

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