[Mpi3-hybridpm] SHMEM Interface in Draft External Interfaces

Snir, Marc snir at illinois.edu
Wed Feb 16 21:21:17 CST 2011

Could explain the problem with dynamic process management? The only potential problem would be if dynamic process management is used to add new processes on existing nodes; if the allocation is in full nodes, I see no problem.

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On 2/16/11 11:32 AM, "Hubert Ritzdorf" <hritzdorf at hpce.nec.com<mailto:hritzdorf at hpce.nec.com>> wrote:


I have 2 notes to chapter MPI and Shared Memory in External Interface draft “ei-2-v1.0.pdf”:

(*) I am missing a function MPI_Shmem_flush(shm)
     which flushes the shared memory on not cache-coherent systems
     (corresponding to shmem functions shmem_udcflush() or shmem_udcflush_line()).

(*) The concept of
     the intracommunicator MPI_COMM_SHM of all processes the local process can share
     doesn’t work for dynamic process management. I would propose

        (*) to define a special constant MPI_COLOR_SHM and
        (*) to create a communicator of all processes the local process can share
            in communicator comm. with function

               MPI_Comm_split (comm., MPI_COLOR_SHM, key, comm._shm)

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Hubert Ritzdorf
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