[Mpi3-hybridpm] Next Telecon

Steven Oyanagi sko at cray.com
Fri May 15 15:12:38 CDT 2009


Could someone post the ticket numbers of the open items for
this group?  Or is there a way to query just those tickets?

Also, I may be asking a bit too soon, but is there a telecon
this coming week?  And when?  Is the telecon date/time going
to change?

	- Steve
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On 05/13/2009 02:38 PM, Pavan Balaji wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry about the delay in sending out the information about the next
> telecon. Next week, I'll be on International travel. We have two options
> here; we can either move the telecon to the week after (05/25-05/29
> week) or someone else can lead the telecon next week. Either way is fine
> with me.
> If we want to push the telecon by a week, I've set up a doodle poll for
> this here: http://www.doodle.com/8fzancgtdnvqzwzf . Please fill in your
> availability. Hopefully this will be the last poll for time
> availability, and we don't have to keep doing this. I've kept only
> mornings as choices to make it convenient for the folks in Europe.
> The poll has time zone support; I don't know how exactly that works, but
> in case it doesn't, it's central time. Also, I've enabled a "maybe"
> option for choices, instead of a binary yes/no. Thanks Jeff for the tips
> on this.
> The basic agenda is to discuss Alexander's ticket as well as go over
> some of the tickets we had discussed in the last telecon. I'd like to
> bring up some of the tickets in the next MPI Forum and get at least a
> straw vote on them.
> Thanks,
>  -- Pavan

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