[mpiwg-ft] FTWG Call Today

Ignacio Laguna lagunaperalt1 at llnl.gov
Tue Feb 14 11:45:32 CST 2017

Hi Wesley and all,

I think it's safe to cancel today's call.

Regarding my tasks, we do have slides of the Reinit (backward recovery) 
proposal that I can present at any time. Perhaps we can discuss them in 
the next call/meeting? I have in my the to-do list to write text about 
combining the two recovery models (backward and forward recovery), but I 
haven't made progress on that.

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On 2/14/17 8:26 AM, Bland, Wesley wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have the FTWG call scheduled for today. AFAIK, we aren't planning any
> activity at the upcoming meeting. I'll get the non-ULFM issues ready for
> the next meeting that I'll be attending (likely September) and the
> ULFM/ULFM+/Reinit discussions should continue in the meantime.
> is there something to discuss today? *I propose cancelling the call*
> since I don't think anyone has made progress that requires a phone call,
> but we can sync up a little bit over email.
> ====
> We've been floundering for a while as people have had other deadlines
> and distractions. Looking back at the notes from our last call in
> December, I believe the TODO items are for Aurelien, Ignacio, and myself
> to flesh out the three FT recovery proposals and then see how they would
> interact with each other.
> * I believe Aurelien had some ideas about how to overcome some of the
> problems raised at the last meeting. Aurelien, if you could put together
> a slide or two that we could use for the discussion, that would probably
> be helpful.
> * I'm not sure of the status of Ignacio putting together some slides for
> the reinit proposal. If I remember the meeting long ago in San Jose, we
> just looked at a header. It might be nice to have something a little
> more high level to point to.
> * I still need to make the slides for the auto recovery strategy that
> Martin proposed.
> Once that's done, we can see where these things interact and how
> difficult it would be to support them together.
> Thoughts?
> Wesley
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