[mpiwg-ft] FTWG Call Today

Bland, Wesley wesley.bland at intel.com
Tue Feb 14 10:26:24 CST 2017

Hi all,

We have the FTWG call scheduled for today. AFAIK, we aren't planning any activity at the upcoming meeting. I'll get the non-ULFM issues ready for the next meeting that I'll be attending (likely September) and the ULFM/ULFM+/Reinit discussions should continue in the meantime.

is there something to discuss today? I propose cancelling the call since I don't think anyone has made progress that requires a phone call, but we can sync up a little bit over email.


We've been floundering for a while as people have had other deadlines and distractions. Looking back at the notes from our last call in December, I believe the TODO items are for Aurelien, Ignacio, and myself to flesh out the three FT recovery proposals and then see how they would interact with each other.

* I believe Aurelien had some ideas about how to overcome some of the problems raised at the last meeting. Aurelien, if you could put together a slide or two that we could use for the discussion, that would probably be helpful.
* I'm not sure of the status of Ignacio putting together some slides for the reinit proposal. If I remember the meeting long ago in San Jose, we just looked at a header. It might be nice to have something a little more high level to point to.
* I still need to make the slides for the auto recovery strategy that Martin proposed.

Once that's done, we can see where these things interact and how difficult it would be to support them together.

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