[Mpi3-ft] Con Call

Josh Hursey jjhursey at open-mpi.org
Wed Feb 17 07:03:14 CST 2010

On Feb 17, 2010, at 7:14 AM, Supalov, Alexander wrote:

> Dear Josh,
> Thank you. A couple of questions if you permit:
> 1. Did anyone from the Collective WG look into this proposal?

Not yet. I wanted the FT WG to take a few passes before I brought in  
the Collective WG. I have been looking over the Nonblocking  
Collectives chapter, and taking president/ideas from there on how to  
form some of the Nonblocking Dynamics.

> 2. How many simultaneous outstanding spawns are allowed on a  
> communicator?

I don't think this is specified in the standard for other nonblocking  
operations. For example with isend the MPI implementation might fall  
over (hopefully just by returning an error, but that will likely lead  
to abort()) at some point if there are too many isends posted due to  
memory or other internal constraints. But the limitation is purely MPI  
implementation and system dependent, so I don't think the standard  
should specify this.

So the short answer is, as many as the MPI implementation allows, but  
the MPI standard does not specify any such limit. Do you think that we  
need an advice to users on this point?

> 3. You use "I" right after the "MPI_", thus creating "MPI_ICOMM_*"  
> names. Maybe it's better to say "MPI_COMM_I*" where appropriate?

Here I just followed the president set by the standard of "MPI_I*".  
However "MPI_COMM_I*" seems to sound better. What do others think  
about this?

> 4. What, apart from symmetry, motivates introduction of the  

Symmetry, and since it is a blocking operation dependent upon a remote  
process there is potential for comm./comp. overlap.

I know there has been some discussion about deprecating MPI_COMM_JOIN,  
but I wanted to move that discussion to another ticket. I think that  
the nonblocking dynamics and deprecating comm_join should be two  
separate discussions, even though the outcome of one will likely  
affect the other.

-- Josh

> Best regards.
> Alexander
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> I have updated the wiki page for "Nonblocking Process Creation and  
> Management Operations" per our meeting today.
>  https://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-web/wiki/Async-proc-mgmt
> -- Josh
> On Feb 16, 2010, at 9:16 PM, Graham, Richard L. wrote:
>> Reminder that we will have a con-call tomorrow, Wed 2/17/2010, at  
>> 12 noon EST.
>> Rich
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