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Jim Xia jimxia at ca.ibm.com
Fri Jun 5 14:50:30 CDT 2009

> Recall that J3 was asked by Craig (representing the MPI group) to add 
> type(*) just for this reason.  That is what should be specified.  If a 
> particular implementation cannot support this in an explicit interface, 
> then it is no worse than the current <type>. I would argue that type(*) 
> is more intuitive to a Fortran programmer than <type>.  Eventually, 
> their compiler will "grow into" accepting it.  Given that many compiler 
> vendors already support some form of directive for "ignore the type in 
> interface argument checks", I don't think that type(*) will be that hard 

> for vendors to implement.

Is it wise for MPI to use something that is not currently standardized yet 
by the Fortran committee?  No body has said it's hard to implement.  The 
risk is it may never be adopted by the standard body.


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