[Mpi-forum] Questions on MPI Standard formatting

Gropp, William D wgropp at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 2 10:02:12 CDT 2021

I’ve been experimenting with updating the MPI Forum document formatting, and in particular, modernizing the use of LaTeX and reducing the custom LaTeX in the document.  Attached are a few pages from my tests.  These show:

1) Use of the lineno package to label each line of text - this replaces the ruler currently used, and means that text is more accurately labeled, but “boxes”, including tables, figures, and captions may not have line numbers. All of the attached pages show the line numbers in the margins.
2) Use of the lstlisting package, with syntax and MPI routine highlighting. This also sets a background to gray to help the code examples standout. The approach used in MPI 4.0 creates a box with a border; because of the box, in that approach, the individual lines of code are not numbered.  Hence this change in how code examples are marked off. The attached examples show both one page and a code example that spans two pages.
3) There is a way to include numbering for tabular environments (and some others).  However, this can lead to some odd labeling, because of how the labeling is implemented within the various LaTeX packages.  I’ve included some examples which show both the expected behavior (consecutive numbering) and the unexpected (and nearly impossible to fix) non-consecutive numbering.
4) I’ve also switched from the book to the srcbook document class. This is a more modern and powerful document class, and has allowed me to remove some of the custom LaTeX code.

I’d like feedback on these.  I’d like to adopt some of these for the next version. In particular:

1) Use srcbook instead of book
2) Use lstlisting in code examples as shown here
3) For tabular environments, do NOT use line numbers for tabular environments used within a table (or other floating) environment. This is where the weird line numbering can happen (e.g., see the attached page 32). For inline tabular environments, use edtable to get line numbers (this is what was used in these examples, and it has worked well in other parts of the document)

If you have suggestions for improvements or alternatives, please let me know.


William Gropp
Director, NCSA
Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
IEEE-CS President-Elect

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