[Mpi-forum] MPI Virtual Meeting / EuroMPI / MPI-Forum September Meeting

Martin Schulz schulzm at in.tum.de
Tue Aug 24 16:37:23 CDT 2021

Hi all,

Just a few reminders:

- We have our next MPI Forum Virtual Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 8/25) at the usual time of 10am US CT (link on github). The agenda is to continue discussions on changes for MPI 4.1. In particular, Bill is planning to discuss a few items from his editorial pass(es).

- EuroMPI registration is open and registration is free. As last year, the conference is virtual.  I think we have an exciting program over the two days, September 7th and 8th (from 9am US CT to 1pm US CT), which will also bleed over to the MPI forum with RMA and Sessions discussions on Day 2. More information on https://www.eurompi21.lrz.de/. Please help spread the word.

- The MPI-Forum on September 9th and 10th (also virtual, also 9am US CT to 1pm US CT) is getting close and this Thursday is the two week deadline for plenary announcements (readings, erratas, regular ballots). I already saw some going around - if there are any others, please post them to the email list. If there are any other items you would like to see on the agenda, please let me know as well.

- We have a combined registration for both events (thanks to Wesley!), which is at https://forms.gle/vJ32yJqNxe2DCUxC7 - if you plan on attending either one, please register as soon as possible.



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