[Mpi-forum] Chapter Committees ACTION NEEDED

Guillaume Mercier guillaume.mercier at u-bordeaux.fr
Mon Jan 6 02:10:21 CST 2020

Hello Jeff,

I did complete my review for Pythonization in chapter 6.

Here are my comments:

1- for the function MPI_Group_range_incl:
- missing space in ranges(3,n) (p262, l20) => should be ranges(3, n)

2-for the function MPI_Group_range_excl:
- missing space in ranges(3,n) (p263, l20/21) => should be ranges(3, n)

3- for the function MPI_Comm_rank:
the word "of" is missing (p265, l39)
"in the group comm" should be "in the group OF comm" in the description 
of the parameter

4- for the function MPI_Intercomm_create:
- no hyphen for newintercomm param (p293, l1/2)
- for F binding:  NEWINTERCOMM should be under LOCAL_COMM (p293,l 31)

5- For the function MPI_Intercomm_merge:
position of Figure 6.3 is not optimal (p 294)

6- for the function MPI_Comm_create_keyval:
- no hyphen for extra_state param (p299, l11/12)

7- for the function MPI_Win_create_keyval:
- put "C binding" on the next page (p304, l48)

8- for the function MPI_Win_set_attr:
-  put "F08 binding" on the next page (p306, l48)

9- for the function MPI_Type_free_keyval:
- put "C binding" on the next page (p309, l48)

I don't know if sending you this message is the right way to do this.


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