[Mpi-forum] mpi-forum Digest, Vol 31, Issue 20

Atsushi HORI ahori at riken.jp
Tue Aug 20 19:31:36 CDT 2019

Hello, all,

> 2019/08/21 2:00、mpi-forum-request at lists.mpi-forum.org wrote;
> The September MPI Forum is coming up quickly and the deadline for announcing readings, errata proposals or voting ballots is THIS THURSDAY. Please send any announcement, as usual, to the entire forum list. Also, if there are any other requests for the agenda, please let me know. I will combine them with the requests I have already gotten and create an agenda in the coming days.

I would like to have an errata reading (ticket 69) in the September meeting;


Wesley suggested to have an errata reading, not as a ticket0. This update is a byproduct of the FP16 changes (but no accepted anyway).

This is a very simple changes;

- updating IEEE 754 standard reference (from old 1985 to new 2008)
- change the verbatim table of the type names and sizes to latex tables in 
	Subsection 13.5.2 "External Data Representation: 'external32'"
- a minor wording changes (see below)
	These are the IEEE“Single (binary32),”“Double (binary64),”and
	“Double Extended (binary128)” formats, requiring 4, 8, and 
	16 bytes of storage, respectively.

I think it will take not more than 10 minutes.

Atsushi HORI
ahori at riken.jp

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