[Mpi-forum] Regarding Multi-threading in MPI

Md. Amjad Hossain mhossai2 at kent.edu
Thu Oct 16 13:22:19 CDT 2014


I have just started to learn MPI. I am not getting proper material about
multi-threading in MPI.
My project requires to run a Multi-threaded program on  multiple machines.
for example, 10 machines will run same program but the program itself
multi-threaded, i.e one thread handles sending, one for receiving messages
, may be others for other works.

My question is: Do i have to use c/c++ multi-threading libraries to make
program multi-threded or MPI itself supports for that?

Could anyone please give me any idea about this? please send me if you have
any good material for learning MPI.

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