[Mpi-forum] MPI-3 implementations status

Shinji Sumimoto sumimoto.shinji at jp.fujitsu.com
Tue Jun 10 20:10:54 CDT 2014

Pavan and my colleagues,

We have updated Fujitsu's status of MPI-3 implementations.

See you in ISC 14.


(2014/06/09 14:34), Balaji, Pavan wrote:
> Folks,
> With ISC coming up, I wanted to make sure the status of all MPI-3 implementations is accurately reflected on the attached implementations slide (which will be put up on the Forum website and will be used at ISC talks and BoFs).
> If there is any inaccuracy in the status, please let us know.  I know that some implementations are planning for a release at ISC which will change this status.  In such cases, please send me a note with the change and the date when the change needs to be made public and I'll take care of it.
> Thanks,
>    --- Pavan
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