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What is the intent of the chapter committee sessions at the next meeting? My understanding is that we should review the text as it currently stands and decide if any ticket 0 changes are needed. Correct?
[rich] The goal is to have the chapter ready for the final chapter votes by the end of the meeting.  All passed votes should be integrated, and ticket-0 changes should also be applied, but not to the approved branch - we will need to come up with a mechanism for handling the later, as we will need a document that includes all these changes, but don't want to confuse approved changes and proposed changes.

Please change the "Profiling Interface chapter committee"
session to "Tools chapter committee". When we added the MPIT stuff, we changed the name of the chapter. Related to that, I have checked in the changes for that ticket.
I expect that session will have a fair amount to do since the chapter has changed significantly. I expect we can use the two hour slot fairly easily.

On the other hand, I do not think we need a (long) session for the "External Interfaces chapter committee". I suppose it does not matter since it is the end of the day Tuesday.
[rich] The extent of changes is really a matter for each committee.  At a minimum, there is time to apply the changes already voted in.

In any event, we went over the chapter in detail early in the MPI-3.0 process and it has not changed since. We had some tickets that had a first vote at the last meeting that might have impacted them but I am unsure of their status.
Are we supposed to apply any newly approved tickets also (i.e., from Monday votes)?


The only outstanding issues, as far as I know, for the tools and EI chpaters are the Fortran changes. I need you to provide a clear list of what changes are needed for those tickets.
[rich] This is true of all ticket owners - PLEASE get the list of changes to each of the chapter committees, or else approved changes will not make it into the standard.



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