[Mpi-forum] 2012 tentative meeting agenda

Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Wed Jun 8 10:05:02 CDT 2011

At the last meeting we had general agreement to continue the current pace of meetings until MPI 3.0 is finalized, and then go down to 4 meetings a year, but longer meetings.  The time frame we have set for MPI 3.0 means that the first 3 meetings in 2012 will continue at the current pace, and then we will cut back to quarterly.   Here is a first suggestion for meeting dates - please send any conflicts that you are aware of.  Also, there has been a push to move the west coast meetings to Portland, OR - are people OK with that ?


Jan 9-11: Portland, OR
March 5-7: Chicago, IL
April 30 - May 2: Portland, OR - Final MPI 3.0 vote
June 25-28: Chicago, IL
Sept: In conjunction with EuroMPI
Dec 3-6: Portland, OR
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