[Mpi-forum] Votes at the forum meeting

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Wed Jul 20 21:12:00 CDT 2011

The official voting results are posted on the web site:


Note that there were two important non-ticket votes:

1. Official vote: should we allow a 1st vote on the RMA chapter given that the implementation is not complete?

--> This vote passed.  It was no surprise; this had been more-or-less agreed to previously.  This vote just made it official: there will be no second vote for RMA until the Forum is satisfied with the RMA implementation.  The ANL people asserted that progress is being made on their RMA implementation.  

2. Straw vote: should we 1st vote on MPI_Count, or reset the clock / consider what happened at this meeting to be a 1st reading?

--> There were some textual changes to the MPI_Count ticket (#265) since its first reading last meeting, including some text wrangling at this meeting (i.e., in Chicago).  The text wrangling was all about grammatical stuff (specifically: confusing / potentially ambiguous use of conjunctions), not about semantics.  The Forum felt that these text changes were ok, and therefore #265/MPI_Count passed its first vote.

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