[Mpi-forum] Agenda items for Santorini

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Wed Jul 20 21:36:32 CDT 2011

Rich --

Here is the feedback from the Chicago attendees about what items need to be on the Santorini agenda.  I (strongly) encouraged everyone to mail any other agenda items to this list if they are not on this list (mailing them to the list helps them not get lost).

Sadly, I will not be at the Santorini meeting; I will designate someone to record the votes in my place.

  - Official readings:
    - #229 Fortran bindings
    - #266: MPI_Tools
    - (NO TICKET YET): Hybrid / shared memory proposal
    - #278: Remove deprecated bindings (probably split into multiple tickets)

  - POSSIBLE Official readings (i.e., if ready):
    - #276: Fault tolerance (but might be just a plenary if not ready)
    - (NO TICKET YET): Non-blocking IO 1st reading
    - (NO TICKET YET): Hybrid helper team threads
    - (NO TICKET YET): Ref-counted INIT/FINALIZE

  - POSSIBLE Plenary sessions (i.e., if ready):
    - Hybrid endpoints proposal
    - Misc (Adam Moody topics)

  - Votes:
    - #140: Const
    - #265: Count
    - #274: MPROBE Fortran
    - #258: Sparse collectives
    - #280: Make C++ bindings optional
    - #270: RMA (if implementation is finished and Forum is satisfied)

  - WG time needed
    - Fault tolerance
    - Hybrid
    - ...?

Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com
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