[Mpi-forum] MPI-3-Forum meeting in Stuttgart - please reply ASAP

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Thu Jul 8 03:30:57 CDT 2010

Important hotel deadline: July 30, 2010.
Therefore, please reply to me directly __now__
although your approval/paper work is not yet set up or finished. 

Dear MPI-Forum member,

if you plan to come or not to come to the MPI Forum meeting
in Stuttgart, Sep. 16-18, 2010, please send me a
reply directly to rabenseifner at hlrs.de .
Please do not wait, until your paperwork is done.

My apologies that I could not ask you directly at the last
meeting - therefore now as email. Your soon reply helps
our administration and me.

The hotel is the same as for the EuroMPI Conference
and is optimally located, i.e., on our campus,
location of EuroMPI, 15 minutes walk to HLRS (location
of the Forum meeting), and with light rail connection 
directly from/to Stuttgart Airport (17 min), and also 
to the main railway station (11 min).

Please tell/choose:

 Name: ___
 YES/NO - I plan to attend the EuroMPI 2010 Conference (Sep. 12-15)
 YES/NO - I plan to attend the MPI-3 Forum meeting (Sep. 16-18)

 My planned stay at Stuttgart will be
 arrival date:   ___
 departure date: ___
 number of nights: __

 About the hotel, please choose one option:
  - I have already registered for the conference hotel
    within my EuroMPI conference registration process
  - I have not yet registered, but I plan to come and plan
    to stay in the proposed hotel.  
    In this case, please tell me your preferred type of room:
     -- single: 74 Euro (Mon-Fri), 57 Euro (Sat, Sun)
     -- double: 91 Euro (Mon-Fri), 70 Euro (Sat, Sun)
    Prices per night and room, includes breakfast (same prices as for EuroMPI).
    If I have to cancel my plan, I'll inform you as soon as possible.
  - I plan to come but plan to use other accommodation.
  - I plan __not__ to come.
  - Other: ____

 Please type in your business address: ______

Further details:

EuroMPI 2010 web page: http://www.eurompi2010.org/
The conference will be located in the hotel.

MPI Forum meetings:

MPI Forum meeting location:
HLRS ( http://www.hlrs.de/ ), Seminar room,
Allmandring 30, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany.

Map with all locations:
(please take care that your browser takes the whole URL)

Hotel web site:

Meeting Cost:
$125 (not yet fixed) per person to cover meeting logistics costs.

Travel information:
Best is to fly in to Stuttgart Airport (STR, which is connected
to most European hubs), e.g., flying directly from US to
Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich with a connecting flight to Stuttgart
(e.g., with Lufthansa, or Swiss).
At the airport, you can use all "S-Bahn"s in the direction to
Stuttgart (with final destinations Backnang or Schorndorf)
leaving every 10/20 minutes 5:08am :18, :38, :48 until 10:08pm
and then every 30 min until 0:08am.

Another option is to use the only one direct USA-Stuttgart flight
which is from Atlanta to Stuttgart (Delta).
>From Stuttgart Airport to the hotel, the best and cheapest way is
the "S-Bahn", our light rail system that directly connects the
airport with "Stuttgart University" station (17 minutes ride).
This station is 2 minutes from the hotel and about a 15 minutes
walk from HLRS.

A third option is to fly in to Frankfurt and to use the train to
come to Stuttgart "Hauptbahnhof" (main station). The main station
is also directly connected with "Stuttgart University" (11 min ride).
(This third option may cause trouble because of ongoing
construction work at the main railway station and therefore
late or missed trains to Frankfurt!)

Best regards and thank you for your help in organizing this meeting

Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner . . . . . . . . . .. email rabenseifner at hlrs.de
High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) . phone ++49(0)711/685-65530
University of Stuttgart . . . . . . . . .. fax ++49(0)711 / 685-65832
Head of Dpmt Parallel Computing . . . www.hlrs.de/people/rabenseifner
Nobelstr. 19, D-70550 Stuttgart, Germany . (Office: Allmandring 30)

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