[Mpi-forum] Final call: user survey

George Bosilca bosilca at eecs.utk.edu
Wed Nov 18 11:42:56 CST 2009

Some feedback:
- there is a typo on the 3th question: educatoror ... seems like  
- we use implementer/researcher and then at the end "project/program  
management". I would put manager instead of management.
- "expert on the entire MPI standard" who can _really_ claims that?


On Nov 18, 2009, at 09:11 , Jeff Squyres wrote:

> I tried to take into account all the feedback.  I generally did the  
> following:
> - reordered to put "user" oriented questions first, "developer"  
> oriented questions last
> - I found I could add a block of "instructions" before questions --  
> I added some clarification text to some of the more complex questions
> - tweaked a little wording here and there
> - added Dick's subsetting question (re-oriented it to be like the  
> others)
> Please let me know what you think by noonish (Pacific) today.  I  
> don't think I'll be doing any major changes after this; please make  
> small suggestions (typo fixes, wording changes, etc.).  I'll also  
> wipe all data that has been submitted by noonish (Pacific), too, so  
> feel free to play with the survey until then.
> http://mpi-forum.questionpro.com
> Password: mpi3
> Thanks for everyone's time on this survey!
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