[Mpi-forum] Sept 2-4 MPI Forum meeting in Helsinki

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Tue Jul 7 03:46:58 CDT 2009


the hotel accepts MPI09 and 140 Euro/night not before Sep. 2.
For the first night they wanted to have 185 Euro.
Normally I arrive in the morning of the meeting because Chicago
and San Francisco are nearby, but for Helsinki, I have to arrive
one night earlier - too far away from Stuttgart ;-)

It may be that some of the folks from USA also may come one day 
- but I do not know.

> The hotel will extend the conference room rate up
> to two weeks prior to the meeting.

I tried in a second call to get the EuroPVM/MPI rate (145 Euro)
for the first night, but they could not find this rate
(maybe because reservation is done via conference registration page).
They made a "special exception" for me, but only after a second call
and because I'm from a European university.

Is it possible, that you check with the hotel, that they allow this
rate already from Sep.1 or what other MPI-Forum members need.

(I myself am served, i.e., I got the Sep.1-4 3x140 Euro as an 

Best regards

On Mon, 06 Jul 2009 19:04:07 -0400
  Richard Graham <rlgraham at ornl.gov> wrote:
> The registration page for the MPI Forum  meeting in Helsinki, 
>Finland is up
> now.  We need to make a firm head count for the meeting room a month 
> advance, so those who plan to attend should register before the end 
>of July.
> We will not have the flexibility to add folks at the last minute.  A 
> of hotel rooms has also been reserved in conjunction with the Euro 
> hotel room block, however people need to make the reservations on 
>their own
> directly with the hotel.  The hotel will extend the conference room 
>rate up
> to two weeks prior to the meeting.
> Rich

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