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Anthony Skjellum tony at cis.uab.edu
Wed Jul 29 10:44:51 CDT 2009

Torsten, please look at "Modified BSD".
Sounds good in general.

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On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 08:04:52PM +0100, Supalov, Alexander wrote:
>    Hi everybody,
>    Many prototypes are being developed currently for MPI-2.2 and MPI-3. Under
>    what license will they be made available to the community? Certain types
>    of licenses, like GPL, may not be suitable for commercial adoption of the
>    prototype code. BSD-like licenses are normally acceptable. I think we
>    should discuss this matter at the Forum this time. You comments and
>    suggestions are welcome.
I would support such a discussion and also propose a BSD-like license.
Another interesting question: what license is MPI-2.1 under?


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