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Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
Tue Mar 4 18:55:09 CST 2008

Just to clarify, this is for US academic institutions only.


On 3/4/08 6:04 PM, "Richard Graham" <rlgraham at ornl.gov> wrote:

>   Thanks to work by Jack Dongarra, NSF has agreed to help pay for the cost
> of participants from US institutions who elect to participate in the MPI
> Forum.  This grant will begin with the meeting starting next week, and will
> cover one person per institution up to $750 per meeting.  There are funds to
> support people from up to 25 institutions.  Jack's group at the University
> of Tennessee will be administering the funds.
>   To be eligible for these funds, pre-approval is required.  I passed on the
> names and e-mail addresses of those from US academic institutions who
> participated in the last meeting.  If you are aware of others who would like
> to participate, but were unable to travel, please let then know ASAP, and
> have them send me a note.  I will pass these requests on to UT, and get out
> of the middle of this.  Unfortunately, there is extra approval needed for
> non-US citizens to be able to use these funds, which may not be able to be
> finished in 3 days, so people who are in that category will most likely need
> to wait until the next meeting to be able to use these funds.
> Thanks,
> Rich
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