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Solt, David George david.solt at hp.com
Mon Apr 14 16:18:13 CDT 2008

We just use lots and lots of environment variables for this communication.  :)  We have had several requests for a mechanism to allow the application to get some feedback from MPI of which interconnect got selected.  Some mechanism to query this and some defecto standardization on what MPI's reported would probably be helpful to many ISVs.  Of course we can use some MPI_Info caching on MPI_COMM_WORLD if it is sufficient to get this information after MPI_Init().   I think we had at least one request to provide this information before MPI_Init().

Dave S.

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I have a "pre-proposal" for the Forum, meaning that I have an idea but want to see if others find it valuable before spending the time to turn it into a formal proposal.

The general idea is to create a flexible mechanism to both pass hints from the user application to the MPI implementation and to pass information from the MPI implementation back to the application.  Some rough ideas:

- Allow hints to be passed from the app to the implementation on a per- handle basis (e.g., on a specific communicator)
- Allow hints to be passed from the app to the implementation for all instances of a handle type (e.g., for all communicators)
- Allow hints to be specified before MPI_INIT, or create another variant of MPI_INIT that allows passing hints
- Create a mechanism for an MPI implementation to pass arbitrary information back to the user, perhaps in response to an arbitrary query (maybe something along the lines of an MPI_Info in and and MPI_Info out)


Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems

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