[Mpi-22] Memory footprint concern

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Dear Bill,
Thanks. I would agree with you on that subsets are indeed not required,
but their clear definition in the standard would promote equally clear
and uniform implementation of the memory footprint minimizing approaches
you and Dick referred to. I guess static linkage is the easiest case for
this, as the linkers are smart enough nowadays to load only the required
parts of the library, provided it's appropriately structured. Again,
subsets may promote such a structuring.
Best regards.


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On the memory footprint issue, I'd like to add that it is possible to
structure an MPI implementation to only require the code associated with
the routines that are used in the application, even when the application
must be statically linked (as is the case for Blue Gene/L, for example).
This can be done even if there are actions that the application needs or
wants to perform at the time of MPI_Finalize.  There are some things
that can be done to make this easier for the implementation, but (like
Dick) I'm not convinced that a subset is required as a way to limit the
memory footprint. 


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