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> This is the currently proposed Abstract for MPI 2.1:

A couple minor editing suggestions:

This document describes the MPI standard version 2.1 in one
combined document. This document combines the content from the
previous standards “MPI: A Message-Passing Interface Standard,
June 12, 1995” (MPI-1.1) and “MPI-2: Extensions to the
Message-Passing Interface, July, 1997” (MPI-1.2 and MPI-2.0)
and errata documents from the MPI Forum.
The standard MPI-1.1 includes point-to-point message passing,
collective communications, group and communicator concepts,
process topologies,  environmental management, and a profiling
interface. Language bindings for C and Fortran are defined.
The MPI-1.2 chapter of the MPI-2 document contains clarifications
and corrections to the MPI-1.1 standard and defines MPI-1.2.
Together with corrections, these MPI-1 documents were combined
to MPI 1.3 (<data>, 2008) which was used as input for this document.
The second input is the MPI-2 part of the MPI-2 document, which
describes additions to the MPI-1 standard and defines the
MPI standard version 2.0. These include miscellaneous topics,
process creation and management, one-sided communications,
extended collective operations, external interfaces, I/O,
and additional language bindings (C++). Additional clarifications
and errata corrections to MPI-2.0 are also included.

I changed "book" to "document" for consistency, and added a
"The " and a comma needed for grammatical correctness.


> It is based on the abstract of MPI 2.0.
> MPI 1.1 hadn't any abstract.
> This abstact should tell the main features of MPI.
> It should not give a full history. This is done by the versions page.
> Hints from the MPI Forum meeting Jan. 2008 are also included,
> i.e., the major sources are referenced, but also the steps
> between, i.e., the clarifications and MPI 1.3.
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