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Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at [hidden]
Fri Jan 18 09:23:18 CST 2008

This is the currently proposed Abstract for MPI 2.1:

This document describes the MPI standard version 2.1 in one 
combined document. This document combines the content from the 
previous standards “MPI: A Message-Passing Interface Standard, 
June 12, 1995” (MPI-1.1) and “MPI-2: Extensions to the 
Message-Passing Interface, July, 1997” (MPI-1.2 and MPI-2.0)
and errata documents from the MPI Forum. 
The standard MPI-1.1 includes point-to-point message passing, 
collective communications, group and communicator concepts, 
process topologies,  environmental management, and a profiling 
interface. Language bindings for C and Fortran are defined. 
The MPI-1.2 chapter of the MPI-2 document contains clarifications 
and corrections to the MPI-1.1 standard and defines MPI-1.2.
Together with corrections, these MPI-1 documents were combined
to MPI 1.3 (<data>, 2008) which was used as input for this book.
Second input is the MPI-2 part of the MPI-2 document which
describes additions to the MPI-1 standard and defines the 
MPI standard version 2.0. These include miscellaneous topics, 
process creation and management, one-sided communications, 
extended collective operations, external interfaces, I/O, 
and additional language bindings (C++). Additional clarifications 
and errata corrections to MPI-2.0 are also included.

It is based on the abstract of MPI 2.0.
MPI 1.1 hadn't any abstract.

This abstact should tell the main features of MPI.
It should not give a full history. This is done by the versions page.
Hints from the MPI Forum meeting Jan. 2008 are also included,
i.e., the major sources are referenced, but also the steps
between, i.e., the clarifications and MPI 1.3.

Discussion should be done through the new mailing list

I have sent out this mail with CC through the old general list

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