[mpiwg-tools] being_debugged issue #5

Marc-Andre Hermanns hermanns at jara.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Nov 6 01:54:16 CST 2015

Hi Jeff,

On the being debugged issue, we had trouble finding the right text in
the right changeset.

On the mpi-forum issue #5


which we use as the basis for the reading (right?), the text in the
issue description and the provided PDF does not seem to fit to the
pull request associated with it


Specifically, we are unable to find the new sentence: "If the variable
exists in any MPI process, it is required that the variable is present
in all MPI processes."

Could you double check this?

Also, something I just realized. Don't we have a

"One line per sentence."

convention for our LaTeX sources? This makes it easier to read changes
within sentences. The pull request seems to have some form of line
wrapping in place. Can we update this to the one-line-per-sentence

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