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On May 12, 2014, at 1:50 PM, Kathryn Mohror <kathryn at llnl.gov> wrote:

> I would suggest making the first sentence include enumerations and categories:
> Enumerations, variables, and categories with the same name in connected…

I thought about that.  But then you get into an ambiguity: is that sentence saying that if an enumeration and a variable have the same name, they must obey the same semantics (which wouldn't make sense)?

Hence, I just listed variables first, and then said "the others also must obey these semantics...".

...although I see that my sentence after the itemized list induces this same ambiguity.  Drat.  See below.

> We also might need to explicitly state the full names of the GET_INFO routines instead of using a star.

That was exactly what I was trying *not* to do, because then you get in the game of a) listing all the function names, and b) matching them to their respective word ("enumerations", "variables", and "categories").

> Do you intend to keep the table we made of the parameters?

I did not intend to, no.

Slightly new suggestion:

Variables with the same name in connected processes are required to:

* Adhere to the same definition from the MPI implementation
* Exhibit the same behavioral semantics
* Return the same INOUT and OUT values from the relevant
  MPI_T_*_GET_INFO function, with the exception that OUT index values
  may differ between different processes

Similarly, enumerations and categories in connected processes must also obey the above restrictions.

Advice to implementors. The intent of these requirements is to enforce consistent meanings of variables, categories, and enumerations across connected processes.  For example, variables describing the number of packets sent across different network device types should have different names to reflect their potentially different meanings. (End of advice to implementors.)

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