[mpiwg-tools] Questions on MPI_T_init_thread

Junchao Zhang jczhang at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 14 17:46:12 CDT 2013

  I have some questions on MPI_T_init_thread, which are unclear in the
 1) Must MPI_T_init_thread() be called in programs before using MPI_T?
 2) Must MPI_T_init_thread() be only called by the main thread?
 3) Is it wrong to do
     MPI_T_init_thread(MPI_THREAD_SINGLE, &provided);
     MPI_Init_thread(LEVEL_HIGHER_THAN_SINGLE, &provided);

    or vice versa,

     MPI_Init_thread(MPI_THREAD_SINGLE, &provided);
     MPI_T_init_thread(LEVEL_HIGHER_THAN_SINGLE, &provided);


--Junchao Zhang
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