[Mpi3-tools] Issues with Fortran bindings for MPI_Pcontrol

Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) jsquyres at cisco.com
Mon Apr 15 19:36:52 CDT 2013

On Apr 15, 2013, at 2:38 PM, "Schulz, Martin" <schulzm at llnl.gov> wrote:

>> I'm really in favor of ditching the PMPI layer and putting something better there.
> I wouldn't go that far - the PMPI interface idea has been very successful and extremely useful and has lead to significant tool support. I think getting rid of it would be a huge setback.

I'm sorry; I was typing hastily while closing up my laptop and boarding a plane.

I certainly don't mean deleting PMPI from MPI-4.  I mean putting something better in MPI-4 that, over time, can replace PMPI (so that PMPI *can* be deleted in some future version).

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