[Mpi3-tools] Pending proposals: DLL, msgq, MPI handles

Jeffrey Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Mon Mar 5 07:53:47 CST 2012

On Mar 4, 2012, at 11:51 PM, Martin Schulz wrote:

>> Sidenote: The ultimate goal would actually be to put all 3 of the above proposals into a single document (akin to the MPIR document) that is hosted on www.mpi-forum.org.  The DLL proposal can be applied to both the message Q and MPI handle proposals, for example.
> Do you really want a single document or three separate documents? Or should this even be combined with the MPIR document into a single document for debugging interfaces? Do you remember the reading/voting procedure for these side documents?

We were thinking 2 total documents:

1. MPIR (as it stands now).

2. A new document that contains the DLL stuff, message queue spec, and MPI handle debug spec.  The reason is that the message queue + MPI handle debug stuff are both standalone plugins that will be loaded by the debugger.  This is a bit different than MPIR.  And the DLL-location stuff fits in well with these two.  Hence, the organization of the document can be something like:

   a. intro
   b. DLL locating
   c. message queue
   d. MPI handle debugging

And the DLL-locating stuff can apply to the later two chapters.

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