[Mpi3-tools] Next TelCon?

Marc-Andre Hermanns m.a.hermanns at grs-sim.de
Wed May 25 03:29:39 CDT 2011

Hi Martin, Hi Kathryn, all,

>> Last thing I heard/read was Jeff stating that MPIT didn't pass the
>> reading (yet it still made the list for MPI 3.0).
>> What were the main points of critique?
> Kathryn already provided a good summary - here are some
> comments from my notes:
> We had a discussion (again) on whether to support Fortran
> and we (I think) finally put this to rest. Besides that, there were

Does 'finally put it to rest' mean, no more discussion is needed, and
Fortran binding will be made, or does it mean we will not have any
Fortran bindings?

From what Kathryn said it sounded quite like the first. Can't Fortran 03
directly call into C libraries?

> several smaller discussion points, incl. a (IMHO) good proposal
> to get rid of the attributes without loosing functionality or
> extensibility. In addition, it was found that the document needs
> a lot of cleaning up and small fixes to make it compliant with
> the rest of the standard.
> My suggestion is that I take a first crack at cleaning up the
> document and that we meet again once this is done and
> people had a bit to review the changes. Looking at the
> forum schedule, we need to have the draft for the reading
> on 7/4. To make this a final version that has hopes for
> passing the reading, we decided during the meeting that
> we need a complete draft two weeks before that, i.e., on
> 6/20 for people to review and comment.
> Ill try my best to have a first version out 1-2 weeks before
> that and that would be the time I would suggest to have
> another call on MPI-T - probably on 6/13.

I'll be on holiday during that time 6/11 - 6/24.

>> Is anyone at ICS/WHIST next week?
> Yes, I will be around. Looking forward to seeing you again
> there!

Great! I just hope the volcano cloud doesn't interfere with my travel
plans :( (time is against me on this one, I'm afraid *sigh*)

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