[Mpi3-tools] Next TelCon?

Mohror, Kathryn mohror1 at llnl.gov
Tue May 24 13:30:34 CDT 2011

Hi Marc-Andre,

I took some notes during the MPIT reading. Here's some highlights (feel free to add or correct as needed!):

There was discussion of whether we need Fortran bindings after all. The primary argument was now that we allow for setting of control variables, programmers may want to do this from their code, which may be in Fortran.
  - We need to remember all the issues we discussed and dismissed because we had initially decided not to have Fortran bindings.
  - Waiting until MPI 3.1 to add the bindings might be dangerous because we might miss something if we don't go through it now.
  - Should have Fortran expert(s) go through it. Ralf didn't see any problems with adding Fortran bindings.
  - There are questions about how to support Fortran 08.

On Page 44, line 6, obj_handle must be a memory address. This needs to be worded better and we need to define what it means. Does the user always need to create a temporary copy to hold the value of the variable since some variables might be a # define , e.g. MPI_COMM_WORLD?

Because we changed MPIT types to be MPI types, we need to go through and double check that they will all be available before MPI_Init.


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> Hi all,
> it got awfully quiet on the list. Did I miss anything?
> Last thing I heard/read was Jeff stating that MPIT didn't pass the reading (yet it
> still made the list for MPI 3.0).
> What were the main points of critique?
> When is the next TelCon?
> Is anyone at ICS/WHIST next week?
> Cheers,
> Marc-Andre
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