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Hi Martin,

during the discussion of the one-sided communication chapter at Stuttgart, it was also discussed to disable the profiling interface from the command line. The reason for that (as I understood it) was that some of the new functionality might be very sensitive to additional latency, and some operations might also be able to be handled by single or few processor instructions. The feeling there was to enable implementations to use macros where applicable.

As I understand this, the prominent idea on how to handle this is to have a compile-time flag to 'mpicc' which will choose the correct implementation (w/ or w/o PMPI). However, currently not even the name of the wrapper is explicitly specified, let alone a specific option.

As this effects the profiling functionality, I think we should also discuss this here, and come up with a solution that is described somewhere in this chapter. What do you think?


On 20.09.2010, at 08:25, Martin Schulz wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry for the short notice:
> Since the MPI forum just met over the weekend and many may
> still be on the way back from Stuttgart, I am not sure if it makes
> sense to hold a meeting tomorrow. Since I further don't have
> anything new, yet, I am canceling tomorrow's (9/20) meeting.
> We'll meet again in two weeks with an update on MPIT.
> If there is something else that needs to be discussed prior to
> the October meeting, please let me know and we can schedule
> an extra meeting next week.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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