[Mpi3-tools] Final draft of MPIR Document

Marc-André Hermanns m.a.hermanns at grs-sim.de
Wed Sep 1 04:02:49 CDT 2010

Hi all,

apologies for my late comments.

I refer to the SVN version on Monday morning.

p.1, l.33:
wasnt -> wasn't

p.1, l.44:
current state state -> current state

p.2, l.22:
the tool read symbol … and trace ... -> the tool reads symbol … and traces
the tools read symbol … and trace

p.2, l.43:
attaches to MPI processes -> attaches to the MPI processes

p.8, l.30:
attach Colorgreenmode -> attach mode

p.12, l.23
(sorry that I obviously missed this in previous drafts)
In the figure 8.1 directly with the first step, shouldn't the arrow be pointing into the other direction?
I would read the figure (as it is right now) as "The tools starts mpiexec".
whereas the text reads "The tools is started on the mpiexec executable".
Could someone help to clarify this?

p.18, l.41:
be reported it to -> be reported to

p.21, l.1:
the tool need only release -> the tool needs only to release


On 28.08.2010, at 01:02, Martin Schulz wrote:

> Hi all,
> Attached is the final version of the MPIR document, as we are planning to present it to
> the MPI forum. Please speak up if you have any final comments or concerns. Otherwise,
> we are planning to submit this version on Monday to the forum for review for the
> September meeting.
> Martin
> <mpi-report.pdf>
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