[Mpi3-tools] New Version of MPI BoF Slides

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Fri Nov 5 05:58:26 CDT 2010


> It took me a while to get back to it, but here is a new version of
> the slides for the MPI BoF. Note that slides 3,5 and 6 are hidden
> and only for the web version.
> I hope this includes most/all of the suggestions - let me know
> if you have any further comments (we need to wrap this up
> very soon, though).

The animated MPIT slide is good. I tweaked the animation
slightly in the attached so that each examples text box
appears just after the relevant animation.

Also, I thought we agreed that we would not use hidden slides
as it is confusing. In any event, I think you need some words
on MPIT even with the animation. Further, the hidden MPIR
texxt slide was almost identical to the unhidden one. I unhid
all of the slides in the attached and merged the two MPIR
text slides. A good tweak would be to animate the MPIR process
figure but that would be above and beyond.

Overall the current version does put us a couple slides over
the request. However, it goes over due to the graphic slides,
whichwill help to make the talk more interesting so I would
hope that Rich would be OK with that.

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