[Mpi3-tools] New Version of MPI BoF Slides

Marc-André Hermanns m.a.hermanns at grs-sim.de
Fri Nov 5 05:48:06 CDT 2010

Hi Martin,

I think the slides are too full. Maybe I am missing what the BoF session is for. Am I correct that it is meant to reach out beyond the Forum?

I think it is best to have the user relate the info to his own experience. That's why in my proposal I just wrote "it like PAPI just for 'Software Counters' and with read--write access". A single sentence and whoever is listening should have a clear view on what we want to accomplish. If we directly want comments on the internals, people have to read the draft first anyway.

Also. I would not cite the direct link to the drafts. People will not be able to memorize the whole url, so I think the critical info is: svn.mpi-forum.org and "Tools WG". Then, I would place a link to each draft prominently on the beginning of the page (maybe below "List of …")


PS: As a pure Web-Document afterwards it is ok. Just for the presentation I don't think anyone will be able to follow.
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