[Mpi3-tools] TelCon Monday 12/14

Martin Schulz schulzm at llnl.gov
Fri Dec 11 21:54:13 CST 2009

Hi all,

Just as a reminder: we have our next MPI-3 tools WG TelCon scheduled  
for Monday
12/14 at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm GMT, 5pm MEZ. Jeff has again created a  
link to
a Webex meeting, which is listed on the Wiki:


The main point on the agenda is to see where we are on text for the  
various tools related
proposals. For MPIT, I started creating text based on the discussion  
we had a few months
ago regarding this interface. I am about 50% through it (covering  
initialization, types, and
the configuration variables), but it is still in early draft. The text  
is checked into the MPI
Forum SVN at

https:// svn.mpi-forum.org/svn/mpi-forum-docs/trunk/MPI-3.0/wg/tools/ 

The files in this directory build the complete proposed new tools  
chapter including
all text sections we talked about during the last meeting(s) as well  
as the original
profiling interface.

Feedback is welcome, but please keep in mind the early state of the  
document (at this
time I am mostly looking for high-level and structural comments).

Did anybody else have the chance to work on text already? If so,  
please add it to
the matching file in the repository.

Additionally, we should talk about the issues that Ashley raised  
regarding the handle
interface proposal (if we have both Ashley and Jeff on the line on  

If there are any additional topics that someone would like to bring  
up, please send
email to the group.



Martin Schulz, schulzm at llnl.gov, http://people.llnl.gov/schulzm
CASC @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA

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