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Hubert Ritzdorf ritzdorf at it.neclab.eu
Tue Nov 25 11:05:41 CST 2008


5pm CET is fine for me. 8pm-10pm also.
Any day except Friday 5th December and Thursday 11th.


Marc-Andre Hermanns wrote:
> Hi Martin, Hi all,
> It would be interesting to know who -- other than me -- is calling from
> Europe?
> In the first week in December, for me the best day would be Tuesday
> 2nd, if the call is to be at 5 pm CET (as I stay late that day anyway).
> I could make Thursday work that week, too, I think, but I am not sure yet.
> If I am the only one calling from CET, I could offer another window of
> 8pm to 10 pm CET (any day). I would be calling from home then, a local
> (German) dial-in number would be great, as I can call those without
> additional costs.
> Friday is a bad day for me (for the 5pm CET slot), as we finish work
> early those days (4 pm CET) and I have a family appointment after that,
> which is even tight to meet with the 4 pm. The 8-10 pm slot would then
> be available again (assuming the local dial-in ;))
> Best regards,
> Marc-Andre
>> I would suggest to first meet the week after
>> Thanksgiving (the week starting 12/1) and then continue on a
>> bi-weekly basis. If people think we should go with a weekly
>> meeting, I would be open for this as well.
> At first I would also suggest bi-weekly. Maybe, when we get closer to
> any (to-be-defined) milestones
> Best regards,
> Marc-Andre
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