[mpiwg-sessions] MPI Sessions - next meeting - v1.0 final (I hope) - next steps

HOLMES Daniel d.holmes at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 20 10:10:10 CDT 2020

Hi all Sessions WG people,

We will have a meeting today at the usual time via the usual tech.

Connection details can (now that I've fixed the config bug introduced during a recent “upgrade” of the hosting machine) be found here:

1) confirmation that PR #160 is correct and final (see messages below).
2) discussion of next steps (AKA Sessions v2.0, including “Bubbles”).

Last week I have:

* Made PR #160 and PR #55 consistent with each other (several hours work).
* Merged the latest mpi-4.x into PR #160, i.e. into branch TheSessionsProposal branch (a couple of hours work).
* Pythonised all the new Sessions functions and callbacks (a couple of hours work).
* Gone through all outstanding comments/suggestions on both PR #55 and PR #160 and resolved all of them that we have addressed (about an hours work).
* Closed PR #55 with a comment saying that PR #160 supersedes it.
* Added comments on both PRs and issue #103, which point to up-to-date PDFs (needed for the 2nd vote) and give links to Github diffs for the changes since Portland (needed for the no-no-vote).

** Please check the latest version of PR #160 - in particular, please verify the Pythonisation of the bindings has been done correctly **

The result is that (I think) we are ready for Bill to pull the trigger on merging Sessions (as soon as we have the no-no-vote and the 2nd vote in the bag).

Dr Daniel Holmes PhD
Architect (HPC Research)
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Phone: +44 (0) 131 651 3465
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