[mpiwg-rma] Draft MPI RMA chapter update

William Gropp wgropp at illinois.edu
Sun May 3 10:33:57 CDT 2015

Attached is an update to the RMA chapter.  This does not introduce or change any features; it simply corrects some language and appearance (spacing) and removes a few errors in the text.  New text is in red; deletions are not shown.  Also attached is the svn diff for these items.  The chapter authors reached consensus on these; we have a list of things that the RMA group should discuss at the next meeting.  Also note, because of the short time left, the other chapter authors have not had a chance to review these - any errors are mine. 

If you find a problem with these updates (not just awkward wording, or a new problem), respond to the whole group so that we can discuss it as quickly as possible.


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