[mpiwg-rma] RMA Errata

William Gropp wgropp at illinois.edu
Sun Jan 25 13:19:11 CST 2015

I think this is simply more evidence that the shared memory access should entirely be through the valid language-specified mechanisms, including interaction with other routines and threads that may access the same memory.  

I most definitely do not think that the load/store access to shared memory is intended to be associated only with memory that was somehow “allocated” by a particular process.  I’m not even sure how I’d define that without referring to a particular implementation.


On Jan 22, 2015, at 2:30 AM, Rolf Rabenseifner <rabenseifner at hlrs.de> wrote:

>> #1 -- The effective target rank of load/store operations is currently not
>> defined on shared memory windows.  That statement may seem like nonsense. 
>> However, it is important for situations where load/store operations interact
>> with RMA operations that do have an explicit target rank (e.g.
>> lock/unlock).  I believe this was an oversight, and we intended that the
>> load/store operations target the rank that allocated the memory.

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