[mpiwg-rma] Questions about multiple overlapped windows

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Dec 8 14:59:15 CST 2014

See the text on lines 38-43 on pg 454 if it helps.

See also ln 19-21 on pg 406.


On Dec 7, 2014, at 6:57 PM, Tatsuya Abe <abetatsuya at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am interested in memory consistency models, and studying program
> verification with memory consistency models.  I started to read MPI
> 3.0 document (and Dr. Torsten Hoefler's tutorial slides).
> http://www.eurompi2014.org/tutorials/hoefler-advanced-mpi-eurompi14.pdf
> I am wondering if you could give replys to my questions.
> I have two questions about multiple overlapped windows:
> 1. (Assume that I create two overlapped windows.)  What happens if I
>   do MPI_Put through one window and MPI_Get through the other window?
> 2. I am wondering what are multiple overlapped windows for.
> 1. I can find no description about the first question in MPI 3.0
>   document.
>   I found Torsten's slides (credit by RMA Working Group, MPI Forum),
>   which explicitly showed relations between operations (Load, Store,
>   Get, Put, and Acc) on pp.82--84.  But, it seems an explaination
>   when exactly one window is created,
>   For example, page 83 of the slide seems to claim that Put and
>   Get are allowed when they are not NOVL (non-overlapped)
>   through one window in separate semantics.
>   One of my questions is ``are Put and Get allowed when they are
>   not NOVL (non-overlapped) through *two* *overlapped* windows
>   in separate semantics?''  I would like to get such table about
>   multiple windows.
> 2. I can find no example about multiple overlapped windows except
>   Figure 11.1 in MPI 3.0 document. Also, I suspect that Put and Get
>   are allowed when they are not NOVL (non-overlapped) through two
>   overlapped windows in separate semantics.
>   I cannot come up with any useful example code.  Why are multiple
>   *and* overlapped windows allowed to be active?
> Tatsuya
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