[mpiwg-rma] iflush ticket needed

Jeff Hammond jeff.science at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 14:49:09 CST 2014

We really need a ticket i.e. a substantive written proposal for
iflush, etc. in order to make progress on the umbrella topic that
includes it and #459.

Pavan: Please let me know when you will have something for this.


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#459: RMA sync ops with vector of windows
Reporter:  jhammond                  |                  Owner:  jhammond
    Type:  New routine(s)            |                 Status:  assigned
Priority:  Not ready / author        |              Milestone:  2014/12/08
  rework                             |  California, USA
 Version:  MPI 4.0                   |             Resolution:
Keywords:  RMA                       |  Implementation status:  Waiting

Comment (by gropp):

 The WG found this interesting, but notes that there are alternatives that
 may provide the same capability.  These include nonblocking flush.  In a
 straw vote,  iflush received 11 votes and nflush received 3; in contrast,
 nsync received 9 and isync received 4.

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