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Barrett, Brian W bwbarre at sandia.gov
Mon Jan 28 15:26:48 CST 2013

Rolf might like that, but there's really no reason for the title to
include MPI-3.0 errata.  If we want another selector, that makes sense,
but having it in the title just burns good screen real estateŠ


On 1/28/13 2:23 PM, "Jim Dinan" <dinan at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:

>Hi Pavan,
>Could you please log these as tickets, so we don't lose any items.
>Please include the exact change, if it's ready.  Also, Rolf would like
>us to use the the following formatting for title/ticket type:
>Title: MPI-3.0 errata: xxxxxxxxxxx
>Type: Correction to standard (for upcoming release + errata)
>  ~Jim.
>On 1/28/13 2:33 PM, Pavan Balaji wrote:
>> Jim,
>> We talked about a few things in the last Forum.  Slides are online on
>> the Forum page.  I also sent an email about it after the Forum; I can
>> try to dig it up if you can't find it.
>>   -- Pavan
>> On 01/28/2013 09:54 AM US Central Time, Jim Dinan wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We are assembling the list of RMA errata to be voted on at the March
>>> meeting.  Currently, we have tickets #347, #348, #350, and #355 (I'm
>>> working on official wording for these changes and will circulate it
>>> Are there any other errata items that should be included on the agenda
>>> for the upcoming meeting?
>>> Thanks,
>>>   ~Jim.
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